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Yo this next water dino is going to blow your mind. This is the Shonisaurus. He may be lookin like a fish o a dolphin or something, but he a dino true n true. The Shonisaurus was an Ichthyosaur and the largest one found 2 date. Some being 15 meters (fitty feet) and a second species being ^ to 21 meters (sevetty feet). Th3se guys inhabited tha seas of the late Triassic. 

N I bet some of yall r thinking right now, “I wish there was some modern art or somethin wit dis rascal in it”. I know I was. So feast your eyes on this next piece of art and enjoy. Surrealism at its finest yo. 

(tha artist claims its da Shonisaurus but Ima have to say its a diff ichthyosaur fo sho) 

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