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Plz focus yo attention to Leedsichtys, the giant ass fish. Leedsichtys was a pachycormid (prehistoric bony fish) that lived in the seas of the Mid Jurassic. These fish were among the largest to eva inhabit our lil ball of water and rock, but exactly how big is subject to debate. Unfortunately the fossils of these gentle giants may be pretty plentiful, but they are almost all incomplete or missing something. Some scientists say they are  round 9 meters, while others be claiming they around 16. Either way, they some big ass fish.

However, like some big fish of our time (whale shark, basking shark, etc.) these guys were filter feeders and mainly ate zooplankton. One thing thats fo certain tho is that Leedsichtys were champs. They had few predators and some fossils show Liopleurodon sized bite marks, but with signs of healing. So some big pliosaur took a bite, and Leedsichtys was just like bitch plz heres my tail. Tail says smack. 

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